Spam Form Test Page

We know that Spam is a big problem, and when your form gets spammed it is an even bigger problem and more annoying! We have created this page so you can see some of the ways that spam can be prevented. I know you have seen these methods as you travel the Net. It can be a bit of a pain for your website users to go through these extra steps to contact you, and you may decide to just put up with a little spam to save your potential customer some hassle - after all, what you want them to do is to reach out to you so you can turn them into a customer.

Bots (other computers) are often what spams forms, and these methods are made to defeat them. However, no form is completely spam proof because people actually get paid to spam, and lots of people do this as their 9-5 jobs.

With that said, test out the forms below and see which one you may want to implement on your site.

1- Honeypot method - This method of spam prevention has a hidden form field that people cannot see, but it is there in the code for the computers to see. This is the “honeypot” bait. This is thought to be somewhat less effective in foiling spammers than captchas. We have tried this honeypot method on a couple of our sites, and it is working so far.

2- Captcha method - In this method the customer has to look at a picture with several numbers or letters in it and correctly type these into a box. We have implemented this on one of our sites, and it definitely works at knocking down spam.

3- Third party solutions - It is possible to use a third party who has a program that is custom made to knock out spammers. So we setup the form and form handling on their server. The example uses their free program, but that gets you limited options. It costs a little bit of money each month (or annually, at a savings) for better services.

So check out these pages and let me know if you want to implement any of these on your site.